Instagram Round Up

Instagram Round Up

Hey y’all, it sure has been a while!

We’ve been on the go for the past month… mostly traveling and visiting family. The break between spring and summer semesters meant the football facilities were closed which meant I could finally pull Will away from Morgantown!!

We spent time with my fam in Tampa, Will’s brothers in Cali, and my “in-loves” in Charleston and Charlotte!

The rest of this summer year will actually be spent traveling now that I think of it. Between weddings, football commitments, and family (who just can’t get enough of our sweet Eloise) our summer is pretty much booked solid!… And then of course football season kicks off in Charlotte September 1st (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I’m hoping to make it to a few more away games.

So there’s a lot for us to look forward to!…

I’ve been asked pretty frequently about where my clothes are from in my latest posts so I decided I’d dedicate a blog post to an Instagram Round Up! Some pieces are super old but I tried my best to find affordable look-alikes!

Most pieces are under $40!!!

I also want to get better at posting on my LikeToKnowIt profile- so if you have the app you can follow me to stay updated. (These are all also posted on the app)

Lemon Dress

This fun and easy summer dress comes in plus sizes as well! Did I mention it’s under $20?

Lemon Dress

Plus Size Lemon Dress



Black Kini

This ribbed black bikini will 100% be my go to this summer… Just the right amount of support with a super gorgeous crochet detail. I got asked so many times if this was from For Love & Lemons- NOPE, Forever 21. Hollla.





I can’t seem to find this skirt anywhere- believe it or not, this is not a set! The bottom is from a  boutique and the top is F21… p.s. hair scarves are my new favorite trend!


Similar Skirt

Hair Scarf

This top actually has matching pants (sold separately) and I’ve been LIVING in the set! On this day I paired it with my favorite pair of Free People jeans (on sale!!)



*I’ll search for the link to the matching pants*


Farm Sunset

This photo doesn’t do this outfit (or the sunset) justice. 

Eyelet Midi Skirt

Polka Dot Crop Top


I guess I’m super into dresses with citrus prints? This is another super easy summer dress!

Orange Dress

Malibu 2

My go to outfit is definitely a skirt and a tied graphic tee- add a hat if dry shampoo just won’t cut it!

*I couldn’t find the links to my hat or graphic tee but I found look-alikes which I’ll most likely be purchasing myself!*


Similar Tee

Similar Hat


Spring has Sprung?!

Spring has Sprung?!

It’s almost Friday! Hope today’s post finds you happy and healthy.

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think spring has sprung, guys!! I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to feel the sunshine.

So much has been going on- exciting things:

  • Spring ball started this week which means we’re one step closer to football season!
  • I’m judging Dancing With Our Mountaineer Stars this Saturday night at WVU.
  • I blinked and it’s March- which means our Colorado trip is right around the corner!
  • I’ve set up a lot of great content and collabs- coming very soon!
  • Eloise is growing up before my very eyes and she’s SO much fun! I LOVE this age so very much…

So this spring definitely looks like the beginning of a great (and very bitter-sweet) final chapter for us here in Morgantown! As for now, I’m soaking it all in and trying to explore every nook and cranny Wild & Wonderful has to offer.

Yesterday, a few of my friends and I found this field and had so much fun! It was the first day in a while the sun was out and was the perfect mix between rocking a sundress and needing a sweater- So that’s exactly what I wore!

P.S. This baker boy hat trend is my absolute spring favorite (and we all know how much I like hats)!

Links to pieces below:

Photos by Alex King

Hair by Beauty Bar


Pink Captain’s Cap

Similar White Bootie

Similar White Bootie

Similar Sweater





Happy birthday to me!

… but I think I’ll stop counting after this one lol. 24?! When did that happen?

Although I feel pretty old, I can’t help but reflect on how much I’ve been able to conquer in just 24 years of life! I woke up this morning feeling super proud.

I’m a retired professional dancer and three-year NFL Cheerleader, a product of the University of Florida, a blogger, and most importantly the wife to my best friend and Mommy to the most incredible one-year-old on the planet. Not to mention the amazing friends I’ve made and incredible family I have and married into. I’m just overwhelmed with a sense of love and gratitude today!

It feels good to have done so much so young and take the time to grow a family.

I wasn’t expecting to wake up feeling this way but I’m really happy I did!

Now I’m going to go get a massage and spend time with the one’s I love! Hope y’all have a very happy hump day!

Xo Jeanne

Photo by Alex King



My Valentine’s

My Valentine’s

Hey guys- Hope y’all made it through the “Monday Scaries” just fine! …And I most certainly hope the rest of your week is filled with nothing but love!!!

Will and I have never really been big on Valentine’s Day… but this year we’re actually going out on a date!! Just the two of us at a nice restaurant?! A very foreign concept for us.

Our norm is actually what we favor though. Will is an extremely routine-oriented person and it’s definitely rubbed off on me. After we play with Eloise and get her ready for bed, we make dinner for just the two of us and turn on whatever show we’re binge-watching that week. He even dances with me in the kitchen! Granted, it’s normally to some inappropriate song by Future but I’ll take what I can get. Some parents always talk about how they never have alone time and I feel so fortunate we make the most of ours every night! (P.S. This is where my New Years resolution of putting my phone down comes into play- I’m the worst). You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant to label it a date- Will & I date every night… except we’re in our pj’s and in the comfort of our living room! Even better!!

Eloise is growing into her larger-than-life personality and it’s so much fun to watch her figure things out. What I love most is she gives us her love very equally lol. One day she’s a daddy’s girl and the next she only wants me. She’s extremely fair when it comes to that. During this shoot she was a daddy’s girl and I can’t blame her! She has an amazing daddy.

Valentine’s Day Inspo  

This is such a sweet and flirty Vday look! I just threw a graphic tee over a dress that is now way too big on me and paired it with some booties. I would’ve much rather paired it with a strappy-sandal but it’s a bit too chilly for that. Patience, Jeanne.

For Will: a light-weight chambray button-down with some khakis and his favorite boots.

And Eloise: The cutest sweater/tutu combo from OLD NAVY (best kids clothes around) and her go-to sweet pink Ugg boots… featuring the cutest little alfalfa pony you ever did see!!!

I hope y’all have a great week! Spread love and happiness. Celebrate your friends, family and special someone’s!! You are SO loved.

Xo Jeanne

Photos by Alex King

Hair by Morgantown Beauty Bar

Jeanne: Similar SkirtGraphic TeeSimilar Bootie


Warm & Flirty

Warm & Flirty

Happy Friday guys!! I hope you have a fun weekend ahead of you. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing yet but it’ll probably include keeping Eloise inside and away from this terrifying flu. Will and I are freaking out about it and doing everything we can to keep her healthy and happy! Which basically means no contact with the outside world lol. Sorry, Ellie.

I am LOVING these transition weeks from winter to spring. I’ve never really been through seasonal wardrobe changes and I find them to be super fun!! I’ve become much more acclimated to cooler temperatures and actually favor them now. I guess I’m not much of a Florida girl anymore, huh? My WV girls always ask me for tips on staying warm without having to sacrifice style. Since it’s been more of a mild winter, it’s not hard to do!

My love for flirty skirts is no secret and this time of year I like to rock them with cozy sweaters and boots or booties. It’s the perfect way to incorporate both winter and spring and stay warm with a sweet, feminine feel.


  • Buy your cooler weather boots a 1/2 size up so you can sneak fuzzy socks in them!
  • It was a super windy day during this shoot so I wore a long sleeve henley under this H&M sweater. Don’t be scared to layer up!
  • I also NEVER rock a skirt or dress without some Nike Pro spandex underneath. It’s the dancer in me I guess.

Hope y’all stay healthy and remember to take extra vitamin C!!!! This flu is no joke.

Xo Jeanne

SweaterPleated SkirtBootsHenleyNike Pro Spandex


Photos by Alex King

Hair by Morgantown Beauty Bar

Getting Active In Alo Yoga

Getting Active In Alo Yoga

Hey y’all, can you believe we’re already halfway through this week?!

One of my New Year’s resolutions (previous post) is to get active and back in shape. After gaining 60ish pounds with Eloise and not working out since before I was pregnant, this seemed like it was going to be a difficult one for me, but it’s actually been one of the easiest (the hardest has been drinking more water)!

I decided to share a few tips that helped me keep my motivation these past few weeks while getting back into it:

Want it

After Eloise was born, working out was super discouraging. I had never not been in shape so exercising felt foreign and way too hard. The pregnancy weight fell off anyway so I didn’t really have that push to get me going. Then the new year rolled around and I woke up one day REALLY wanting it. So now I love going to the gym. It’s my “me” time.

Start easy

Not too easy where you don’t work up a sweat or feel a burn but you don’t want to turn yourself off from working out when you can’t walk the next day. My first day back I did 30 minutes of fast-paced walking on the highest incline and then some lunges and squats. I couldn’t wait to go back the next day and push myself a little further.

Have a plan

I’m not an expert in the gym, but I’ve been watching YouTube videos (Whitney Simmons and Cara Loren) before my workouts so I have an idea of what I’m doing. I used to feel so self-conscious and worry I wasn’t doing something right. Now I couldn’t care less. I’m doing this for me. I’m in there with a plan and will read the directions on the machine extra long if I need to. (lol)

Take a before photo

Just to track your progress and keep yourself motivated. Don’t worry, you don’t have to share it on IG.

Work out in style

Nothing says you’re going to kill it in the gym more than being confident in what you’re wearing… and maybe some coffee. My outfit is from Alo Yoga and makes me feel FAB. I’ve noticed on days I feel extra good about myself I go a little harder in my workouts. Not only that but I dig an athleisure look I can proudly wear around town too.

You’re worth it- do it for you!

Xo Jeanne

*Thank you ALO Yoga for sponsoring this post*

Outfit: ALO Yoga

Shoes: Adidas

Hair: Morgan @ Morgantown Beauty Bar

Photos: Alex King

My Plant-Based Life

My Plant-Based Life

Happy Friday y’all! Hope this post finds you happy, flu-free, and ready to have a great weekend. Will has the majority of this weekend off so we’ll probably head to the farmer’s market and (if I can find some tickets) the WVU vs. Kentucky basketball game!

I get lots of messages asking about my diet and why I went veganish so I thought I’d share my story on how and why I live a plant-based life!

It’s on the lengthier side this week…

Why I Did It

If you knew me prior to becoming a mommy you would never believe I’m as healthy as I am today. Seriously. I grew up thinking pasta was a healthy meal and I never met a cheeseburger I didn’t like. I didn’t really have to worry about it either since I danced a million hours a week and had a good metabolism.

It got worse when I was pregnant. I couldn’t keep anything with any nutritional value down. Eloise was pretty much made off of Mcgriddles and Oreos. Which (I think) plays a huge part in why we’re both so healthy today… & why I gained 60+ lbs lol.

Then one hot summer day, (July 12) Will and I turned on a documentary on Netflix called “What the Health”… and it ruined my life. I had no idea the Five Guys cheeseburger I ate for dinner that night would be my very last. Even though I know it’s a bunch of exaggerated content pushing a vegan agenda, it has still ruined food for me. So now I’m mostly vegan. I say mostly because I’ll still indulge in sushi or salmon or a (non-vegan) cookie every once in a while but I definitely don’t enjoy it as much as I used to *flashbacks to the documentary.*

I feel bad because I want so badly to say I made the switch because of the animals and Mother Nature and blah blah blah but in reality, it just grosses me out. I am happy my decision helps animals and Mother Nature though!

I’m also back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I feel great! I don’t even crave animal products, I actually crave veggies.

How I do it

Most supermarkets have an awesome selection of vegetarian/vegan options if you look! We don’t live anywhere near a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s (no matter how many emails I’ve sent them in the past two years) but our neighborhood Kroger has everything we need. There’s also this cute little mom & pop vegan grocery downtown- where these photos were taken!

Will would become vegan in a heartbeat but he needs the extra protein and calories due to how hard he pushes his body. He eats whatever I make + some chicken and extra carbs- So it’s really simple to do for families who are on different diet plans.

Eloise is easy. She’s probably one of the healthiest kids I know. She loves fruits and veggies and I rarely give her anything sugary or processed. I’m not very strict about what she eats but I do feed her a mostly plant-based diet since she eats pretty much whatever I do!

It’s also cost-friendly! I don’t know where veganism got the reputation of being a luxury because it’s really not expensive. In fact, I’ve found vegan substitutes are often cheaper. It’s also important to know for every food you think you’ll miss, there’s most likely a vegan substitute!

It’s been over six months so I have gotten a bit bored of my quick and easy go-to options but it’s super easy to switch up. There are so many vegan recipes at my fingertips and I’ve even ordered a few cookbooks on Amazon.

*I’ve shared some recipes on my Instagram Stories but I’ll probably dedicate a blog post to my favorites in the near future.*

Making the Transition

I think in order to make the transition it’s best to either watch something that will completely ruin it for you like I did (LOL) or ease your way into it. Maybe try cutting out dairy for a week and go from there. Trust me, you’ll feel, and usually see, the difference!

It’s also important to plan your meals for the day, or at least get an idea of what you’re going to eat and when, so you don’t find yourself in a moment of hanger (hunger+anger) and weakness. It’s super easy to do and it gives you peace of mind.

When I go out to eat I normally look at the menu before hand so I’m not overwhelmed. Most restaurants cater to all diet restrictions these days. If you find yourself at an establishment that doesn’t, you’ll be sure to find a few things you can make work!

It’s also important to make sure you’re getting the right vitamins. Cutting out animal products means missing out on certain nutrients like vitamin D so be sure to do your research and take some supplements daily!

Lastly, don’t beat yourself up if you slip at first! It’s okay to indulge. It’s okay to to get off track for a second. Your body will thank you in the long run; You’re doing your best to give it all the goodness and nutrition it needs!

I hope this was helpful! Catch y’all next week.

Xo Jeanne

Photos by Alex King