The Ultimate Baby Guide (Newborn- Six Months)

Adeline is seven-months-old today and it made me reminisce on the first half-year of her life. I’ve received so many questions from new mamas on what is really needed and I thought I’d put together a “must-have” list of what we actually used.

This go-around we didn’t have a baby shower/sprinkle and only got what we absolutely knew we needed. We truly didn’t have anything we didn’t use and I thought it would make baby shower registries easy to have this as a reference!

I’ll continue the must-have list as Adeline gets older!

*Disclaimer: it seems like a lot but once you find yourself in the black hole of endless options and useless gadgets, you’ll understand.*



(UPPAbaby Vista stroller with bassinet and “rumble seat” attachments)



We had an incredible experience with the SNOO. Not only did it keep Adeline asleep, it also kept her safe! She was zipped up in a cocoon attached to the bassinet so she was unable to roll which, in turn, also helped me sleep. I was asked a lot of questions about the transition from SNOO to crib and ours was pretty seamless. The last few weeks they incorporate a weaning program where it doesn’t rock as much etc. You can rent it for less than what a Starbucks costs per day or buy it (definitely recommend this option if you’re planning on more babies)! 

UPPABaby MESA infant car seat / VISTA stroller-

She’s still in this car seat and we’ve loved it! The stroller has been a dream with two kids. It can be a single or double stroller with adaptable bassinet, car seat and/or “rumble seat” attachments. Right now, Adeline is in the car seat and Eloise is in the “rumble seat”. Extremely smooth ride and not as wide as other adaptable strollers. Super easy, chic, and extremely comfortable for the girls!


I’ve gathered mixed reviews- your babe either can’t get enough of it or hates it. Adeline still loves it.

Pampers Pure diapers/wipes-

I’ve tried every single diaper brand and this one is the best. Trust me. No chemicals, fragrance and keeps them dry all night long. Like, freakishly absorbent.

Dock a tot-

My mom got me the “snuggle me” which I thought I’d love more but my MIL let me borrow her dock a tot and honestly, I think it’s way more practical.


It all started with the FRIDAmom box for delivery/postpartum life and then with the ingenious “snot-sucker” saving Adeline from runny noses. They know what they’re doing.

Plum and Sparrow basket-

I loved this for easy mobility. I mostly put Adeline in this when I showered. When we went on trips, I packed her stuff in it and then used it as a bassinet on the beach etc. it’s also just ridiculously cute!

Solly baby wrap-

Baby wraps are way more comfortable than carriers for newborns and we loved our Solly so so much!

Charlie Crane Paris rocker-

The chicest rocker there ever was. Adeline used it every day, multiple times a day for four months. Many naps were sponsored by this rocker. Also, we took it everywhere with us since it’s so light!


(Solly Baby Wrap)

4-6 mo:

Artipoppe carrier-

This is a splurge but worth it in my opinion. It’s truly a work of art. I have the leopard print and I use mine every. day.

Tula carrier-

Great carrier at a great price point. I have two prints and we love them. Will still uses ours with Eloise.

Skip hop exersaucer-

Adeline loves hers! All the amazon reviews are great with the exception of the owl add on toy (many baby fingers have gotten jammed) so I just threw the pesky owl away.

Newton baby mattress-

No other mattress compares. Organic, completely breathable and the entire mattress can be washed! Adeline is a tummy sleeper and, much to everyone’s surprise, I’m not worried at all!


This is good for newborns if they’re not in the SNOO! It’s a smart sock that monitors the baby’s vitals while they sleep but I didn’t have to use it until I transitioned her to the crib! They also have a great monitor!


Organic baby food delivered. We’re on week 4 and LOVE it. Adeline is introduced to so many delicious foods and gobbles it all up!

Adeline in her Charlie Crane Paris Rocker

(Charlie Crane Paris Rocker)

Miscellaneous Favorites:

BJORN pack and play-

got it as a gift at my baby shower for Eloise and it’s the best. Easily opens and closes which is amazing because who knew pack and plays were built to give parents panic attacks during assembly?!

Como Tomo bottles-

I’m exclusively nursing Adeline but these bottles are what I have on hand if I ever pump. She used them a few times as a newborn without any issues. 

Cuddle and Kind-

I think these are the most darling stuffed animals and they donate meals to kids in need with every purchase!

Favorite baby clothes brands:

Quincy Mae

Rylee and Cru

Little Poppy co. bow subscription




ZARA kids

Posh peanut


Jaime Kay


Mushie’s website is where I got my bibs pacifiers, pacifier clips and super trendy silicone bibs. (If you buy through my link you’ll get 20% off! )




Ryan and Rose “Cutie Pat” (if you use my link to shop you get $5 in shops credit )

Milk Snob-

Softest car seat cover ever but they also make the softest swaddles as well!!

Diaper rash cream-

AQUAPHOR. We’re never without at least three containers in the house.


Thanks for reading xxxx

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