So Fresh, So Clean

Back to school and football season means lots and lots of laundry. Scratch that- I feel like no matter the season, I’m ALWAYS drowning in laundry. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the piles of clothes and explosion that is probably your laundry room, I’m here to help.

1. No more hampers. Toss all of the days outfit changes from school, football, dance classes and even your towels straight into the washing machine.

2. Don’t you dare open the dryer unless you have five minutes to fold. This eliminates the never ending pile of clean clothes!

3. Simplify your laundry products. I only use All Mighty Pacs Odor Lifter. I don’t need excessive amounts of stain removers, laundry boosters etc. I can trust the tough stains will be magically gone and the laundry smelling fresh! Easy peasy.

Thank you All for sponsoring this post

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