Happy birthday to me!

… but I think I’ll stop counting after this one lol. 24?! When did that happen?

Although I feel pretty old, I can’t help but reflect on how much I’ve been able to conquer in just 24 years of life! I woke up this morning feeling super proud.

I’m a retired professional dancer and three-year NFL Cheerleader, a product of the University of Florida, a blogger, and most importantly the wife to my best friend and Mommy to the most incredible one-year-old on the planet. Not to mention the amazing friends I’ve made and incredible family I have and married into. I’m just overwhelmed with a sense of love and gratitude today!

It feels good to have done so much so young and take the time to grow a family.

I wasn’t expecting to wake up feeling this way but I’m really happy I did!

Now I’m going to go get a massage and spend time with the one’s I love! Hope y’all have a very happy hump day!

Xo Jeanne

Photo by Alex King




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