My Valentine’s

Hey guys- Hope y’all made it through the “Sunnday Scaries” just fine! …And I most certainly hope the rest of your week is filled with nothing but love!!!

Will and I have never really been big on Valentine’s Day… but this year we’re actually going out on a date!! Just the two of us at a nice restaurant?! A very foreign concept for us.

Our norm is actually what we favor though. Will is an extremely routine-oriented person and it’s definitely rubbed off on me. After we play with Eloise and get her ready for bed, we make dinner for just the two of us and turn on whatever show we’re binge-watching that week. He even dances with me in the kitchen! Granted, it’s normally to some inappropriate song by Future but I’ll take what I can get. Some parents always talk about how they never have alone time and I feel so fortunate we make the most of ours every night! (P.S. This is where my New Years resolution of putting my phone down comes into play- I’m the worst). You don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant to label it a date- Will & I date every night… except we’re in our pj’s and in the comfort of our living room! Even better!!

Eloise is growing into her larger-than-life personality and it’s so much fun to watch her figure things out. What I love most is she gives us her love very equally lol. One day she’s a daddy’s girl and the next she only wants me. She’s extremely fair when it comes to that. During this shoot she was a daddy’s girl and I can’t blame her! She has an amazing daddy.

Valentine’s Day Inspo  

This is such a sweet and flirty Vday look! I just threw a graphic tee over a dress that is now way too big on me and paired it with some booties. I would’ve much rather paired it with a strappy-sandal but it’s a bit too chilly for that. Patience, Jeanne.

For Will: a light-weight chambray button-down with some khakis and his favorite boots.

And Eloise: The cutest sweater/tutu combo from OLD NAVY (best kids clothes around) and her go-to sweet pink Ugg boots… featuring the cutest little alfalfa pony you ever did see!!!

I hope y’all have a great week! Spread love and happiness. Celebrate your friends, family and special someone’s!! You are SO loved.

Xo Jeanne

Photos by Alex King

Hair by Morgantown Beauty Bar

Jeanne: Similar SkirtGraphic TeeSimilar Bootie



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