Warm & Flirty

Happy Friday guys!! I hope you have a fun weekend ahead of you. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing yet but it’ll probably include keeping Eloise inside and away from this terrifying flu. Will and I are freaking out about it and doing everything we can to keep her healthy and happy! Which basically means no contact with the outside world lol. Sorry, Ellie.

I am LOVING these transition weeks from winter to spring. I’ve never really been through seasonal wardrobe changes and I find them to be super fun!! I’ve become much more acclimated to cooler temperatures and actually favor them now. I guess I’m not much of a Florida girl anymore, huh? My WV girls always ask me for tips on staying warm without having to sacrifice style. Since it’s been more of a mild winter, it’s not hard to do!

My love for flirty skirts is no secret and this time of year I like to rock them with cozy sweaters and boots or booties. It’s the perfect way to incorporate both winter and spring and stay warm with a sweet, feminine feel.


  • Buy your cooler weather boots a 1/2 size up so you can sneak fuzzy socks in them!
  • It was a super windy day during this shoot so I wore a long sleeve henley under this H&M sweater. Don’t be scared to layer up!
  • I also NEVER rock a skirt or dress without some Nike Pro spandex underneath. It’s the dancer in me I guess.

Hope y’all stay healthy and remember to take extra vitamin C!!!! This flu is no joke.

Xo Jeanne

SweaterPleated SkirtBootsHenleyNike Pro Spandex


Photos by Alex King

Hair by Morgantown Beauty Bar


One thought on “Warm & Flirty

  1. Jeanne….guess it’s the preschool teacher in me….but I do religiously wipe any store cart I use with those handy wipes provided. I’ve heard there are even better and more effective ones that can be purchased and carried in a handbag or diaper bag which might be better in your case with sweet Eloise!! The other habit I have acquired is washing my hands every time I walk back in the door from ANYWHERE!!! In the house, I am cautious to never place my handbag on the table or ledge as I have read they carry a tremendous amount of bacteria and germs collected while away from home!! Through the years we manage to stay extremely healthy in our home (knock on wood) and SO hope the same will be for you, Will and Eloise!!! Love watching and hearing about your adventures!!!!!💕❤️💕


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