Back at it

A little late buttt happy happy new year everyone!

2017’s finale was a bit of a whirlwind for our family. Ever since Will’s surgery in November things started to really pile on top of each other and we couldn’t catch a break. (Which is why my blog took a backseat). So there was something super exhilarating about the clock striking midnight and having a fresh start. 2018 is our year, I can feel it. Year of the Grier. I should have shirts made. Ha!

Anyway, this is the first year I’ve actually made new year’s resolutions. I always thought they were cheesy but putting your goals to pen and paper is empowering. They’re not just day dreams in your head, they’re real now! It’s not too late to start either- my resolutions are super realistic ones I’ll consciously work toward throughout 2018 and beyond. While they’re very personal and dear to my heart, I wanted to share some of mine straight from my notes:
Goals for 2018:

  • Consistency on the blog- get inspired!
  • Make time to workout- no excuses!
  • Be present with my family and friends- put the phone down!
  • Drink more water- it’s actually alarming how little you drink!
  • Focus on being positive and happy- it’ll shine out of you like sunbeams contagiously!
  • Work on my faith- it’s tough sometimes!
  • Dance- cause you miss it dearly and you still can!

These are all very realistic and seem pretty simple when you actually see them.
It’s easy for anyone, especially mommy’s, to lose sight of what you’re passionate about and putting yourself and dreams in the backseat; BUT I promise, you’re a better wife, friend, mommy, daughter, teacher when YOU take care of YOU. So use this new year as a fresh start and take control!

Remember to hold yourself accountable but don’t beat yourself up too bad if you fall off track. Balance is key and so is slow and steady progress!

I’d love to hear some of yours and if you have any suggestions on some ways I can better conquer mine!

Xo Jeanne

Skirt- On sale!!!

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3 thoughts on “Back at it

  1. I love your 2018 Resolutions! They work for any age ( even great-grandmas!).

    Re-committing yourself to dancing is really important ((especially because it is aerobic) …. by doing something you love, those fabulous endorphins are released and it makes a good day even better !


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