Mom Jeans

Hey guys- sorry I missed ya last week…

Will, Eloise, and I were all under the weather and I was in super-mom mode while fighting it off. That’s the only downside of summer fading into fall, runny noses and sore throats all around! Will and I have been into juicing and healing our bodies with all the vitamin and antioxidant goodness fruits and veggies have to offer and let me tell you, it actually works! Eloise can’t get enough either. We decided our favorite combo is: carrot, celery, orange, lemon, apple and beet. I definitely recommend it- and it’s fun!! 

So now that I live where seasons change and it actually gets cold, I’m growing to love jeans. I’ve owned probably one or two pairs my whole life and NEVER EVER wore them. Now, I can’t get enough thanks to two brands: Free People and TopShop! They have made me fall in love with denim. The fit is so comfortable and flattering and I’m not claustrophobic in them! They’re still good investments as far as quality goes while not totally breaking the bank, so I’m a big fan. Pair them with a bodysuit and you’ve got a look you can dress up with some booties or keep casual with a pair of loafers. Will joked that this is my new “uniform” because I’ve literally worn variations of this the past four days lol. 

In these photos I’m rocking my Free People high-wasted raw-hem crops and I looooove them! Just a phenomenal pair of mom jeans. 

Xo, Jeanne

P.S. I linked the other pairs of Free People and TopShop jeans I’m in denim love with.


Photos by Alex King

Hair by Morgan at Morgantown Beauty Bar

Pictured denim: Free People Jeans

Pictured bodysuit: Forever 21 BodySuit (similar)

More Free People Denim

TopShop Denim




3 thoughts on “Mom Jeans

  1. Lol! That must suck to be somewhere that gets cold coming from a hot/warm place all year round. I live in Canada and in a town where it’s winter 6 months out of the year. And winter here is freezing cold, snow/blizzard, and it gets dark fast and the sun rises slow. That mean wearing layers upon layers of clothes and still being cold. I’m talking 3 pairs of pants. My mom is from Thailand and I was born there and we go back and visit every few years and it’s HOT all the time. So I can understand where you’re coming from!

    -Helen Marchuk


  2. If you don’t mind me asking, I like in the Morgantown area and I was wondering where you went to shoot such pretty outdoor photos. Love your blog btw.


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